Our business policy

Key elements of our business policy

Knowledge-based business:
We only undertake tasks that we are able to solve and we do not want to deal with “everything”, we provide professional services in our existing business lines.

Quality product – service:
Our main policy is the practical usage of the “Performing only the best ”principle and delivering the best solutions within the required time frame.

Motivated coworkers:
We believe that the key elements of the best performance and being successful as a company are properly educated and committed co-workers. Our company offers for our co-workers besides continuous trainings, courses, satisfying salary and material incentives just as other allowances like Christmas bonus and interest free “company loan”.

Respect the environment:
Gépszer Ltd has an eye to the distant future.  Its owners and management want to operate and improve it in a way that is represents values for the next generations. However, this business idea only makes sense if we do our job creating and leaving behind an enjoyable environment we can live in. We believe that keeping the environmental standards cannot be the question of economical negotiations. They are obligatory at all times and we have to make an effort to control and minimize environmental loads resulting from technological impact.

Value creation:
We are proud that with our services supporting the operation of the industry we contribute to satisfy the demands of a continuously developing world.

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