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Heat exchanger cleaning

Cleaning and all the necessary repair work of heat exchangers in various design (tubular, laminar). Cleaning of tube bundles and round chambers of heat exchangersInternal cleaning of heat transfer tubes with high pressure water (up to 3000 bars).

Vessel cleaning

Inside and outside cleaning of horizontal and vertical cylindrical vessels with high pressure water (up to 3000 bars). We are able to remove – within the framework of on-site work – almost any deposit from any size of container surface.

Surface cleaning

If there is no chemical obstacle, we are able to remove any kind of deposit – within the framework of on site projects – from any kind of surface.

With our modern water-technology fleet we undertake removing impurities (oil, paint, rust, etc.) from various surfaces (metal, concrete) with open or closed technology. In addition, we also undertake the cleaning of greasy, oily surfaces with hot water.


Resonance-free and highly efficient preparation of surfaces for reconstruction.

Hydrodemolition removes a layer of concrete by shooting a jet of high pressure water into the material. When the water fills the natural cavities in the concrete, it bursts from within, exploding upwards. The result is a rough surface, free from micro-cracks, ready for a new layer of fresh concrete. It also leaves the reinforcement bars completely intact. Hydrodemolition can also be used for paint removal and surface preparation.

High pressure watercutting (on site)

On site water cutting only with water, or a mixture of water and abrasive material, for a wide variety of materials, from steel to concrete. We cut pipes and vessels up to 3000 bar pressure.

Concrete demolition

Resonance-free and highly efficient preparation of structural or surface reconstructions.


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