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Replacement of industrial gas cylinders, bundles

We opened our industrial gas-depot at our site, on behalf of SIAD Hungary Kft.

The following services are available at our premises:

  • Exchange and rental of industrial gas cylinders
  • Distribution of gas mixtures, specialty gases, liquefied gases for industrial and private use
  • Field service and delivery

Order intake in person, by e-mail or over phone

Distribution of air conditioning gases, industrial gas cylinders, multicomponent mixtures of gases, special gases

We distribute the following types of gases among others at our site:

  • Acetylene 2.
  • Argon 4.5
  • Argon 4.6
  • Carbon Dioxide 4.8
  • Helium 4.6
  • Helium 4.8
  • Nitrogen 3.5
  • Nitrogen 4.6
  • Oxygen 2.5
  • Oxygen 3.5
  • Stargon C-18
  • Stargon Ar-CO2
  • Food 1 Nitrogen Food
  • Food 3 Oxygen Food
  • Food 4 argon food
  • Sulfur dioxide in wine
  • Synthetic Air 2.5
  • Synthetic Air 3.0

Delivery of industrial gas cylinders, bundles, liquefied gases in mobile containers

For more information, please contact us:

SDS Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded from the link below:
https: //www.siad. com / en / web / siad-hungary / material-safety-data-sheet

You can read more about the products at the following link: siad-hungary / products

The certificates of SIAD Hungary Kft. are available at the following link: siad-hungary / certifications


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