The power
of water

We like to work under high-pressure

3000 bar

The working fluid is only high-pressure water with high kinetic energy, without dosing chemicals.

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Gépszer Ltd. was founded in 1996 and it has decades of experience in the technological assembling industry through its legal predecessors.

At the beginning, Gépszer Ltd's main contractor was the Nuclear Power Plant of Paks, where our main activities included welding and pipeline assembly.

As a result of our consistent strategy, we contracted mainly the biggest industrial plants of the country. Based on the feedback of our Customers and the repeated orders, we carried out our work successfully.

Interesting facts

Investment – Technological development

Within the framework of a 100 million HUF investment, financed on our own, we significantlyimproved our high-pressure water technology fleet and capacity by purchasing of new pumps.

The new equipment represent the most modern technological level and make us able to enter new market segments, including areas where the use of high pressure water technology is not part of the general practice.
Our new equipment completly suit the highest level of environmental requirements obligatory in the EU from this year, and their design is unique on the Hungarian market regarding the aspect of application.
The result of the development is an incomparable machinery capacity in the domestic market at our field of service.

Our aim is to reach a market leader position also in volume based on the technical development and capacity enlargement as well as decade long of experience, knowledge and references.

The production of the machines is in progress, so we can undertake work with them from the first quarter of 2015.

Huge welding project: 680 kilograms of electrodes into one rift

One of our biggest welding jobs so far was the repairing of a rift on a 62 tons workpiece. Based on an own technology, during the work we used 680 kilograms of electrodes together with on-site heat-treatment, with the help of a mobile heat-treatment automat.

Why is high pressure water-technology so effective?

Not only because the water exits the nozzle under high pressure, but it also works with extraordinary speed. Here are some numbers: at the pressure of 3000 bars, the cleaning jet's speed is 2808 km/h.

Current News

Water technology capacity expansion

Water technology capacity expansion

2016 04 12 - Tuesday
Thanks to the newly purchased semitrailer installed with high-pressure device, Gépszer Ltd is able to take on from this year on-site cleanings of heat exchangers with 4 operators simultaneously.
Professional Training Award

Professional Training Award

2015 03 30 - Monday
The South West Hungarian Engineering Cluster won the Professional Training Award for the category cooperation for 2014, the project named „ELEMÉR – Commitment – Cooperation – Value Creation project” - founded by the German-Hungarian Industrial and Commerce Chamber.
Success at Public Procurement

Success at Public Procurement

2015 03 30 - Monday
Gépszer Ltd. won the public procurement of „High pressure water cleaning of the machinery of MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant”