Business policy

Enterprise based on knowledge

We only contract for projects that we are able to carry out and we do not intend to deal with “everything”. We offer a professional service in our businesses.

Quality products and services

Our main policy is the practical usage of the “good for the first time” principle. We do not negotiate this principle for any kind of reason therefore we cannot participate in an unprincipled price bargain. Our Customers will get what they order from us, moreover the best of it according to their requirements and demands.

Motivated co-workers

We believe that successful and good activities are only possible with properly educated and committed co-workers. Our company makes an effort to operate as a company besides the continuous trainings, courses, satisfying salary and material incentives just as other allowances like Christmas bonus, interest free “company” loan and the use of our summer-house.

Clean environment

Gépszer Ltd has an eye to the distant future, its owners and management want to operate and improve it in a way to be able to represent values for the next generations. However, this business idea only makes sense if we do our job creating and leaving behind an enjoyable environment we can live at. Our principles are that keeping the environmental standards cannot be the question of economical negotiations they are always obligatory as well as we have to make an effort to the control and minimization of environmental loads resulting from technological reasons.

Creating value

We are proud that with our services supporting the operation of the industry we can participate in the problem-free covering of the demands of the continuously developing world.

Solid development

We have spent and we do spend our interest on the development of our Company and as a reason we have an approximately 100M HUF asset by now. It is a guarantee that we are and intend to be a responsible participant of the market. At our growth we consider the fact that we want to meet the expectations of our Customers. We are able to finance our projects and contract for competitive payment dates.