About us

Gépszer Ltd. has a decade of experience in the technological assembling industry through its legal predecessor. The company was created as an independent legal entity in 1996 from the at that time current leading engineers of the Municipality of Paks.

From 1999 the company is a 100% private company. In 1997 we were almost solely the contractors of the Nuclear Power Plant of Paks doing welding and pipeline assembly, as well as mechanical and service providing activity, mainly workforce lending.

As a result of our steady strategy we have contracted almost all of the biggest industrial plants of the country and worked successfully according to the feedback of our Customers and the repeated orders.

Beginning 2000 we made a new branch for high-pressure water services including pipe, condenser, tank and surface cleaning. Presently and uniquely in this field we are able to perform work up to bar media pressure. From 2001 we also deal with the sales of high-pressure water equipment as the Hungarian representative of the Hammelmann Company that is the leader producer of the world market. The company formed for sales called AquaProd Ltd.

We have purchased the cleaning license of the patented air-cooling condensers from the German J&W® company for the area of Hungary and the surrounding countries. With the applied technology we can perform the cleaning of air-cooling condensers at an unthinkably high quality and an effective way altogether with welding, assembling and maintenance works.

 We have such an infrastructural environment that gives as a suitable background to our performance. We have a self-owned administrative office and in Paks, we have a 750 m2 hall with proper lifting machines and added separated “acid-proof” workroom ensuring the place for manufacturing and pre-manufacturing activities.

Water technology

The working fluid is only high-pressure

We like to work under high-pressure

3000 bar
water with high kinetic energy, without dosing chemicals.
Member of the South West Hungarian Engineering Cluster