Success at Public Procurement

Gépszer Ltd. won the public procurement of „High pressure water cleaning of the machinery of MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant”

The work within time frame between 2015 and 2016 requires strict financial and technical conditions – together with experienced human resources having high level organizational skills. Based on the result of the public procurement, our company meets these requirements, in competition.

Besides our outstanding technical assets and capacity achieved by continuous investments, we were successful based on our efficiency, experience and knowledge during the proceeding.

Gépszer Ltd. can add to its present experience of bundle cleaning by implementing different technical tasks at the same time. Our present experience in bundle cleaning already exceeds 40.000 kilometers of pipes, together with cleaning devices, armatures and surface cleaning practices.

We are grateful for the trust of our Customers, which we would like to return with impeccable and contractual work as usual at Gépszer Ltd.