Amazing new product for the cleaning of heat exchangers

New solution for the cleaning of hard deposition and/or total cross-clogged pipes!

Today it is beyond dispute that the most effective way of pipe cleaning is to use high-pressure water.

During the cleaning of total cross-clogged pipes the efficiency was (i.e. the required time and costs) often open-end predictable.

To increase the speed of cleaning and by extreme „hard” deposits with the special designed nozzle tip we helped the cleaning also mechanically.

This method was not admissible in case of the requirement of cleaning excluding foreign bodies in the pipes and the damage of the pipe walls could not be excluded either.

The solution of the above named problem is the application of the cross jet tube cleaning nozzle:

  • the nozzle is balanced, there is no physical contact with the pipes (it is not wearing)
  • the two cross jets (but not intersecting jets) cut the material in the completely clogged pipe like a „milling cutter” (and of course with the same effect the removed material is flushed away)
  • efficiency is better than by all previous nozzles.

The design of the nozzle makes the fitting of a drive nozzle possible, so it means that the water jet moves the nozzle forward.